Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. (CGA) provides comprehensive Transportation Planning Services including Mobility Planning and Analysis, Complete Streets Planning and Design and Transit Planning. CGA offers specialized expertise, tailored exceptional solutions and responsive Client Services. Our multidisciplinary approach to consulting enables us to bring depth and context to these transportation planning projects which yields the high level efficiency needed for successful completion. CGA utilizes the Transportation Planning process to guide the infrastructure investment decisions for numerous public and private sector clients.

Mobility Planning and Analysis

CGA Transportation Planners and Engineers provide multimodal transportation planning services that address mobility needs in the local transportation infrastructure network. CGA Transportation Planners and Engineers support all modes of transportation including pedestrian, bicycle, transit and vehicular while understanding the complex relationship with adjacent land use. These Transportation Planners and Engineers develop innovative and practical approaches to context sensitive and livability area wide concerns. Further, we integrate local/regional land use and livability goals with adopted multimodal design criteria. CGA is committed to working with state and local agencies to ensure that transportation infrastructure is adequately planned to support the vision for community growth and quality of services including consideration of technical, socio-economic and environmental elements. Expertise and Services include:

  • Mobility Corridor Planning
  • Multimodal Studies and Analysis
  • Long Range Transportation Planning
  • Transportation Demand Management
  • Transportation Systems Planning
  • Campus and Institutional Area Wide Master Planning
  • Livable Transportation Planning and Design
  • PD&E Transportation Studies
  • Land Use Plan Amendments
  • DRI Transportation Studies and Notice of Proposed Changes
  • Transportation Grant Administration and Applications

Complete Streets Planning and Design

CGA Transportation Planners and Engineers create transportation solutions for all users and modes of transportation in order to improve the quality of life and support livable communities. Transportation Planners and Engineers create streets for everyone no matter who they are and how they travel. We are committed to planning and designing transportation infrastructure facilities with an emphasis placed on joint use of transportation corridors by pedestrians, cyclists and public transit vehicles. CGA Transportation Planners and Engineers are recognized as leaders in the combining Placemaking with Thoroughfare Design together. We have created Complete Streets Manuals and Updated Government Agency Policy Regulations and Framework which allows flexible design decisions to fit varied conditions. Our planning and design solutions will include design of the entire traveled way in order to enable safe and efficient access for all transportation users in the built environment. Expertise and Services include:

  • Complete Streets Manual Development
  • Complete Streets Regulatory Policy Implementation
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Infrastructure Planning
  • Lane Reduction Studies

Transit Planning

CGA Transportation Planners and Engineers complete transit planning efforts for government agencies including establishment of short term and long term vision plans. We are committed to assisting with the assessment of service performance and goals, expansion of dedicated transit routes and service, evaluation of corridors and determination of ridership and transit demand forecasts. CGA Transportation Planners and Engineers have expertise with urban design, neighborhood community planning and sustainability which assists in the development of public transportation solutions that transforms places into vibrant, livable, sustainable communities. In addition, we provide assistance with Transit Oriented Development Planning with the creation of compact, walkable, mixed-use communities centered around high quality transit and rail infrastructure. Expertise and Services include:

  • Transit Development Plans
  • Transit Corridor Planning
  • Mobility Hub Station Area Planning
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
  • Feasibility and Alternatives Analysis
  • Transit Capacity and Quality of Service

Eric S. Czerniejewski, PE, ENV SP
Director of Traffic Engineering

Email: Eric Czerniejewski

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