Many cities, especially smaller communities with limited resources, have contracted for professional services for decades. Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. (CGA) has been a pioneer and innovator in the arena of governmental contract services.  The goal of this department is to reduce costs while increasing efficiency, innovation and performance. CGA has served the public sector for decades by providing contract services for a wide variety of governmental needs.

The CGA Building Code Services Division provides municipalities, counties and other government agencies with all the resources required to ensure effective code compliance, including the Florida Building Code, state and federal statutes, local ordinances and other rules and regulations dealing with construction, permitting, inspection, building officials, and administration.

Build a Staff to Suit Your Needs

As an independent resource, CGA can tailor services and personnel to suit a specific public sector client. CGA can staff a full-service building department or offer a la carte services, with specific personnel on a project, or on an as needed basis. The key to success for both the client and their customers is that the municipality maintains control over those services at all times. CGA takes its direction from the City’s designated manager.  We have streamlined the permitting processes thanks to the web-based INKforce™ operating software, Building and Permitting Tracking Module (BPT). This custom CGA software delivers real time information to schedule, remit payment, track and record reviews and inspections from any device with a web connection. For small staffs with busy schedules, INKforce™ is a timely solution.

Building Department Administration

  • Permit technicians, Administrators, Building Officials
  • Processing of vital data, documents
  • File maintenance, organization, recordkeeping
  • Development of permit fee schedules

Plan Review for Permit Issuance

  • Plan review for all building code disciplines by certified professionals
  • Confirmed turnaround times for all project types
  • FEMA requirements checked for compliance

Inspection Services

  • Inspections completed (pass or fail) by the following business day after scheduled
  • After hours, weekend and holiday inspections available
  • Direct individual cell phone contact with all field inspectors
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