The Electrical Engineering Division performs services under electrical-prime contracts and where the division is a member of a design team. Prime electrical contracts include street, area lighting and power generation and distribution projects. Where services are performed under an umbrella contract including multiple disciplines, projects include Municipal/Utility Engineering where complete systems design for water and wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations are performed; Land Development projects that include parks, sports facilities, streetscapes, irrigation systems, parking lots, and pedestrian trails; and Highway Engineering that includes street lighting, roadway lighting, pedestrian and bikeway lighting systems.

Power generation and distribution projects include the design of natural gas or diesel engine-generators, automatic transfer switches, switchboards, panelboards, motor control centers, motor controllers including motor starters, soft starters, variable frequency drives and filters, power distribution including overcurrent protection devices, disconnect switches, feeders and branch circuiting. Associated computer programs used in these designs include generator sizing programs, short circuit calculation and coordination programs, voltage drop programs and arc flash calculation programs.

Lighting projects require the application of lighting computer programs to perform photometric calculations. CGA uses Visual and AGi32 professional lighting simulation software.

Construction services may include professional estimates of probable construction costs that are routinely performed for all types of electrical installations as part of the services provided. The engineer attends the pre-bid and pre-construction meetings and responds to requests for information (RFIs). Review and approval of shop drawings is conducted to assure a smooth construction process. Periodic observation of construction is performed during the construction and testing phases to assure compliance with contract documents, and final inspections are conducted to close out the construction contracts.

Almost all processes involve some sort of instrumentation and controls, whether it is a water or wastewater plant, or a sewage lift or pump station. CGA has developed a drainage control system for Hallandale where 16 wells are monitored during a rain event. Proper control design assures a smooth-running system. Additionally, there may be requirements for information to be sent and collected at a central location that can be used for reporting and system adjustment and fine-tuning. CGA prepares the Piping and Instrumentation (P&I) drawings, writes the control specifications, and field tests and reviews installations for proper control.

Electrical Engineering project experience and services include:

Lighting for Interior and Exterior Spaces

  • Buildings (Industrial, Commercial, Residential)
  • Monument, Sign, and Landscape Lighting
  • Roadway Lighting – Municipal and FDOT
  • Parking Lots, Walkways, Open Spaces
  • Sports Lighting
  • Lighting Evaluation and Assessment Studies
  • Solar Lighting Systems

Power Distribution and Provisioning

  • Commercial , Residential, and Industrial Buildings
  • Municipal Lift Stations
  • Water / Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Generator Design, Sizing, and Specification
  • Power Provisioning for Temporary Installations and Special Events

Electrical Safety and Hazard Prevention

  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Surge Protection Systems
  • Grounding Testing and Evaluation
  • 40 Year Recertification Inspections

Security Systems

  • Fire Alarm and Suppression Systems
  • Burglar Alarm Systems
  • Site & Building Access Control Systems
  • Video Surveillance

Energy Conservation

  • Lighting and controls retrofitting
  • Solar-Powered Systems

Communication Systems Distribution

  • Telephone
  • Cable TV
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Public Address Systems
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