slide-lift-cooperIn 2010, The City of Cooper City retained Calvin, Giordano & Associates to design and permit the replacement of their original Lift Station No. 1, which was over 50 years old and had been experiencing capacity and run-time issues, as well as high maintenance expenditures.

The original Lift Station No. 1 was installed in 1958. Lift Station No.1 services a residential community within Cooper City and receives additional flows from Lift Station No. 56, which was originally built in 1970. Lift Station No. 1 pumps into a four-inch DIP wastewater transmission main, which is then re-pumped by a master booster station located approximately 1,000 linear feet southeast of Lift Station No. 1. The original Lift Station No. 1 consisted of a wet well and a dry well. The wet-well was six-feet in diameter with a rim elevation of 5.60 NGVD and bottom elevation of -15.34 NGVD, and was fed by three influent lines. The existing dry well was approximately seven-feet in diameter with a two-foot diameter entrance manhole. Two 7.5 horse power pumps, along with the check valves and plug valves, were located in the dry-well.

CGA designed the replacement of the original Lift Station No. 1 with a more modern and efficient submersible pump lift station. The previously-existing wet well was converted into a terminal manhole and connected to the new eight-foot diameter wet well via a new ductile iron pipe. A new valve box replaced the previously-existing dry-well. Two new submersible pumps were sized to meet the average and peak flows entering the lift station. A new control panel, piping, valves, valve box, wiring, and conduit were designed for the station.

The lift station was permitted through Broward County EPD and FDEP.


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